making the classroom itself a venue for intercultural dialogue and exchange


Our mission is to initiate, stimulate and facilitate international and intercultural dialogue and collaboration to foster skills, knowledge and open attitudes among students by utilizing new media technologies.

The Sharing Perspectives Foundation designs and implements virtual exchange programmes to increase the number of students who develop transversal skills and open attitudes through an international and intercultural experience as part of their education. Our programmes provide one online curriculum for students to discuss and study current socio-political issues. We directly bridge theory and practice, by making the classroom itself a venue for intercultural dialogue and exchange.

The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to providing students and academics from across the globe with an opportunity to collaboratively learn about current socio-political issues through virtual exchange.


Casper van der Heijden

Managing Director

Julie Hawke

Senior Facilitation Officer

Dr. Sophie Millner

Senior Partnerships Officer

Bart van der Velden

Senior Research Officer

Juliet Muhlbauer

Communications and Outreach Officer

Ibrahim Fayyad

Language and Communications Officer

Rawan Tahboub

Programme Coordinator

Marcos Favero

Junior Facilitation Officer


Aleksandar Pelovski

Annsophie Schmitt

Elizabeth Sweetman

Giorgos Giouvanoudis

Giovanni Mascaretti

Ivan Pribicko

Jan-Moritz Kuhn

Marianne Leubner

Naomi Martin

Narjess Hachena

Nejc Kebe

Philipp Möcklinghoff

Rahma Sghaier

Tirza de Fockert

Youth Ambassadors

Hadri Karim

Amel Mounes

Fareed Jarbouh

Sabrine Bhar

Sarah Bassisseh

Mohamed Amine

Executive Board

Casper van der Heijden

Esmé Cartens

Kris Ruijgrok

Board of trustees

Katharina Ploss

Rafael Tyszblat

Francesca Helm


University partners

  • The following universities participate in our virtual exchange programmes:
  • Institute of European Studies and Vesalius College, Free University of Brussels, Belgium;
  • Department of IR and European Studies, University of Nicosia, Cyprus;
  • European College, University of Tartu, Estonia;
  • Network for European Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland;
  • Faculty of Political Science, University of Osnabrück, Germany;
  • School of Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece;
  • Institute of International Studies, Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary;
  • Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland;
  • Next Generation Global Studies Group, University of Padova, Italy;
  • Centre for International Studies, Utrecht University, Netherlands;
  • Department of Political Science and Contemporary History, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland;
  • Department of Politics & International Studies, Coventry University, United Kingdom;

Partner organisations

The following organisations collaborate with the Sharing Perspectives Foundation for the implementation of our virtual exchanges:

  • Soliya


The following organisations financially support the Sharing Perspectives Foundation:

  • European Commission


For any inquiries about our programmes or how to become involved, please send an email to

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For any inquiries about our programmes or how to become involved, please send an email

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