Sharing Perspectives Foundation

Who we are

The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation offering contemporary online learning experiences allowing people to interact constructively across differences and divides. Since the founding in 2012, Sharing Perspectives has:
  • engaged 10,000 young people in virtual exchange courses 
  • worked with over 80 institutions
  • trained and coached 250+ facilitators 
  • facilitated 1000s of online dialogue sessions
  • implemented over 10 different virtual exchanges in English as well as in Arabic.

Meet the team

Meet our facilitators, ambassadors, employees and board. We are a remote and global team. Collectively we bring experience and expertise within diverse fields of practise such as peacebuilding, community organising, education, entrepreneurship, research and project management.


Casper van der Heijden

Managing Director

Bart van der Velden

Senior Research Officer

Juliet Muhlbauer

Programme Manager Virtual Learning & Training

Rawan Tahboub

Programme Officer

Rachel Malmborg

Programme Officer


Aleksandar Pelovski

Annsophie Schmitt

Elizabeth Sweetman

Giorgos Giouvanoudis

Giovanni Mascaretti

Ivan Pribicko

Jan-Moritz Kuhn

Marianne Leubner

Naomi Martin

Narjess Hachena

Nejc Kebe

Philipp Möcklinghoff

Rahma Sghaier

Tirza de Fockert

Executive Board

Casper van der Heijden


Coen Bergman


Board of trustees

Katharina Ploss

Rafael Tyszblat

Francesca Helm