Geopolitics and Climate Change

How local and global politics shape sustainability efforts With Abeer Butmeh

With Abeer Butmeh

What does environmental activism look like when it intersects with political activism? Think of issues concerning land rights or indigenous rights. And what if a country has limited sovereignty over their (natural) resources? Rawan interviewed environmental activist Abeert Butmeh from Palestine about this.

During the reflection of the interview, Rawan explains more about living under occupation and how this affects many facets of life, related to climate and the environment. Towards the end, Bart chimes in on international responsibility for climate action.

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In this episode

Abeer Butmeh is an environmental activist from Palestine and coordinator since 2008 of the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network – Friends of Earth Palestine (PENGON). Het back-round is as an  environmental engineer  and she is a trainer in water, waste water and environmental issues. She is well represented in civicl society and writes articles on the environmental issues in the Palestinian context.

In the intro, Rawan refers to a book: The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzeziński (1997)

In the reflection after the interview, Julie mentions ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’,