Upcoming courses and trainings

Upcoming courses and trainings

2020 –  Save the dates

See this calendar for the courses and trainings we offer in 2020. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to explore partnership options.

3 – 14 August: Social Circles  “How to balance local culture and globalization?”
Deadline to apply:  19 July

9 August – 10 September: Advanced Facilitation Training – Intensive format
Deadline to Apply: 20 July

17 August – 14 September Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation (training course)
Deadline to Apply: 14 August

4 October – 10 December: Advanced Facilitation Training – Long format
Deadline to Apply: 7 September 2020

12 October – 18 December: ‘Cultural Encounters: The Big Climate Movement’
Deadline to apply: 4 October

Past courses

3 February – 6 March : ‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’

23 February  – 5 April : ‘التكنولوجيا و المجتمع’ (‘Technology and Society’, Arabic-spoken)

9 March – 17 May: ‘Cultural Encounters: Perspectives on Populism’

9 March – 14 May: ‘Advanced Facilitation Training’

6 April – 4 May 2020: ‘Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation’ training course

13 April – 7 May: ‘Youth, Peace and Security’

4-14 May : Social Circles  “What does solidarity mean in the current global crisis?

18 May – 19 June: ‘Countering Hate Speech’

25 May – 24 June: ‘Sustainable Food Systems: A Mediterranean Perspective’

1-12 June: Social Circles “What is the role of youth in taking action against climate change?”

1 June – 29th June: Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation (training course)




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