The Sharing Perspectives Podcast is here!

Listen up! We are proud to present our first podcast series ‘The Big Climate Movement’.

As young people across the globe mobilize around one of humanity’s biggest questions, we ask: what is the impact of climate change on the planet, political action and the movement of people?   Join us in exploring this subject in the Sharing Perspectives Podcast and listen to nine episodes with powerful perspectives from speakers at the centre of the climate change movement.

While researching and curating a curriculum for our fall Virtual Exchange course ‘Cultural Encounters: the Big Climate Movement’, we soon realized that the conversation about climate is a conversation about movement. Scientists point to the slow but steady upward movement of the planet’s temperature. Activists demand movement and change from governments and policymakers. Unprecedented global youth movements have emerged and shifted public discourse. New, and more extreme, climatic events are forcibly displacing people from their homes or livelihoods, and depleted natural resources threaten stability and peace. Still, beliefs and behaviours about climate are often unmoving. 

Our hosts, Julie and Rawan, interview researchers, journalists and those with powerful climate stories at the centre of key debates. From green energy transition to youth activism and environmental migration, we hope to provide our listeners with food for thought. Staying true to the Sharing Perspectives Foundation’s principles, each episode is born from genuine curiosity to understand the perspectives of others more deeply and facilitate real conversations amongst actors from across the globe.

Now available: The Big Climate Movement, Episode #1

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Sharing Perspectives · The Big Climate Movement: Episode 1

In this episode, you get to know the co-hosts of this podcast, Rawan and Julie. Our guests this week are Sophia Burton (Migration Matters) and Dr. Sophie Millner (Sharing Perspectives Foundation). Julie will talk about their involvement in creating the Virtual Exchange course ‘Cultural Encounters: The Big Climate Movement’. What motivated them to dive into the pressing but vast topic of climate change? And how did they connect this to current migration challenges? Technical producer Bart will also join the team; in ‘Ask Bart’ he will answer questions that you did not know you had.

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The Guests

Dr. Sophie Millner is one of the original members of Sharing Perspectives Foundation and has worked with the organisation since 2013. Sophie specialises in designing the curriculum for our flagship CE course, as well as building partnerships with HEIs across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean. Prior to joining SPF, Sophie worked as a UK Parliamentary and NGO researcher on socio-political issues and completed her PhD research on national belonging and embodied citizenship.

Sophia Burton’s work lies at the intersection of migration, media, and online education. She is the managing director and a co-founder of Migration Matters e.V., a non-profit organization based in Berlin, Germany, that produces free educational video on migration, refugees, and diversity to promote nuanced, evidence-based conversation. Sophia also manages the #MediaMigrationEurope network for Mediendienst Integration, an informational platform for journalists. Sophia holds a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University and is a dual German-American citizen originally from Washington, DC.

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