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Climate movements 2023

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This 9-week Virtual Exchange will focus on one of humanity’s biggest questions: climate change.

In this online, international Virtual Exchange participants from different countries and cultural backgrounds come together weekly in their groups to learn with, and from, each other. Stimulated by curated audio-visual materials, participants discuss the themes of the course and engage in interactive assignments. 

“The best thing was that we learned from the diversity of people, coming from different backgrounds, without being judged.”

– Alumnus, 24, Egypt

Dates Mar 13 - May 12 2023

Duration 9 weeks

Language English

Application deadline Feb 27 2023

Weekly time investment

160 hours in total (contact hours + assignments), equal to 6 ECTS
2-4 hours weekly preparation and assignments
2 hours online group sessions
Video-project assignment & optional further readings

Course content

A learning experience about different dimensions of climate change

The conversation about climate is a conversation about movement. Scientists point to the slow but steady upward movement of the planet’s temperature. Activists demand movement and change from governments and policymakers. Unprecedented global youth movements have emerged and shifted public discourse. New and more extreme climatic events are forcibly displacing people from their homes or livelihoods, and depleted natural resources threaten stability and peace. Still, beliefs and behaviours about climate are often unmoving. You get to explore the key debates around climate through a curated audio-visual lecture series, providing materials from experts, journalists and practitioners. See the weekly topics below for more on the content of this Virtual Exchange.

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Partnering for 'Climate Movements' 

Virtual Exchange (VE) delivers international experiences for students all over the world and has been steadily growing over the last two decades. At the Sharing Perspectives Foundation, we have implemented large scale Virtual Exchanges over the past decade and welcome partners to take part in our newest iteration of the virtual exchange on Climate Change. 

Offer this opportunity to your students

We offer this VE course opportunity to universities at a small financial contribution which reflects the minimum budget to run this international VE, while offering you savings when investing with more students and or over multiple semesters. Our VE courses can be used to fulfil a component of a larger capacity-building project. The course can also be offered for students from only your network or alliance and is a perfect fit to serve internationalization objectives and especially Internationalization at Home agendas. Find out more about the possibilities for offering this Virtual Exchange ‘Climate Movements’ to your students in this brochure.

We accept partners on a rolling basis and can accommodate a maximum of 30 in 2023.

Get in touch via if you have any questions or would like to learn more.


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