Become an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange facilitator

Facilitation training

Facilitators are an essential part of the Sharing Perspectives Foundation’s Virtual Exchange activities, and we are looking for both experienced and emerging facilitators committed to cross-cultural dialogue to join our team.

To join our team of facilitators, you will need to pass through the Advanced facilitation training. To be eligible to apply for the Advanced training, you need to have some form of faciltiation, dialogue or mediation experience. If you are new to this field, please enroll in our “Introduction to Dialogue Faciltiation” course first. For both trainings,  you need a computer and internet access.


Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation

Are you interested in fostering meaningful and productive conversations around society’s most pressing issues? Or do you want to contribute to more positive relationships despite differences in backgrounds or opinions?  Start your journey to becoming a dialogue facilitator through the course INTRODUCTION TO DIALOGUE FACILITATION.

Through this 4-week course you will learn the functions of dialogue and virtual exchange; identify key principles and components of facilitation; and learn basic skills and approaches to successfully facilitate online dialogues.

This Interactive Open Online Course is part of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project. Upon completion of this course, participants will be eligible to continue their qualification and training with the Advanced Facilitation Training and consequently become facilitators in one of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programmes.

Learn more about this training by viewing the course outline.

The course takes 4 weeks in total, and all you need to participate is a computer and internet access.

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Read more about Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange on the European Youth Portal.

Advanced Facilitation Training

The Advanced Facilitation Training was developed with the expert contribution of various conflict resolution, mediation and facilitation practitioners, invested in 21st century education and in broadening knowledge and use of peacebuilding methodologies in a diverse and global landscape. Successful completion of training qualifies trainees to UN endorsed certificates.

To be eligible to apply for the Advanced Facilitation Training you need to have prior experience in conflict resolution, dialogue facilitation or mediation.

The next Advanced Facilitation training runs from 7 October to 13 December 2018 –  Deadline to apply : 17 September 2018

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Your role as facilitator

Facilitators foster the safe but challenging spaces that define the Sharing Perspectives Foundation’s learning environment. As a facilitator, you will be expected to utilize essential dialogic tools to elicit self-group awareness and enable mutual learning. You will arm participants with the tools to hold effective cross-cultural dialogues and enable them to apply these skills as 21st century employees, students, and citizens.

Why become a facilitator?

Upon your successful application, you will receive advanced training in virtual exchange and subsequent placement as a facilitator in an upcoming SPF program. Whether you are a new or practiced facilitator, you will be able to improve your facilitation skills and knowledge using new methods and mediums online, managing unique group processes, and engaging with timely topics and current events. As a SPF facilitator, you will also receive mentoring, opportunities for advancing responsibilities, stipends for your work, and a certified welcome into the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Facilitator’s Community.

Experienced Facilitators

We also welcome experienced facilitators to the team! If you are an experienced dialogue and Virtual Exchange facilitator, please get in touch by sending a brief introduction outlining your experience to