Sharing Perspectives on 2018 - Videos

To inspire a lively and rich discussion during the online group meetings, we invite you to watch some bite-sized, thought-provoking videos before the conversations take place. Below you’ll find the selected videos.


One year later: What has been the impact of #metoo?

Me Too is a movement, not a moment

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Is 2018 the year of populist winners?

What’s Behind the Global Rise in Populism?

In this video, you can look out for…

  • The use inflammatory language,
  • Moments of crisis, big promises,
  • Relationships to media,
  • appeal to the peoples’ will
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I belong! Creating new identities in a time of im/migration.

Taiye Selasi

Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask where I’m local.

When someone asks you where you’re from … do you sometimes not know how to answer? Writer Taiye Selasi speaks on behalf of “multi-local” people, who feel at home in the town where they grew up, the city they live now and maybe another place or two. “How can I come from a country?” she asks. “How can a human being come from a concept?”

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Migration Matters

How are nationality, citizenship and immigration connected?

Meet diversity and migration researcher Nando Sigona. He is one of your experts in this series who will be sharing his research on migration and belonging through the lens of statelessness, citizenship, and superdiversity.

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Gülcin Durmuss, Berlin Braucht Dich

What Comes to Mind When You Look at Me?

We all make assumptions about each other, based on things like race, ethnicity, gender, and more. In this final unit of chapter one, Gülcin from Berlin Braucht Dich! and Yilmaz from Heroes share the stories of what happened when they asked Germans to say what they thought of them based on looks alone.

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Dr. Anna Triandafyllidou

How do we use Others to shape our own national identities?

How do Others factor into how we identify our own national identities? Anna Triandafyllidou of the European University Institute talks about our relational feeling to the Significant Others and how migrants and Muslims fit into the discussion.

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Dr. Naika Foroutan

Who do hybrid identities make people uncomfortable?

One of our survey speakers in an earlier video from this chapter said that, to live in Germany, you must decide if you want to be German or ‘something else’. But what if you’re not tied to one set of borders, have dual citizenship, or claim more than one home? And why is this sometimes difficult for others to accept? In this episode, Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan presents sociological concepts that frame these divisions around multifaceted identities and the unease surrounding them.

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Are Multiculturalism and Social Cohesion at Odds With One Another?

Does supporting multiculturalism make us stronger or does it threaten social cohesion? Prof. Dr. Irene Bloemraad shares findings from her research and the Multiculturalism Policy Index that help explain the link between multicultural policy and integration.


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