The Sharing Perspectives Foundation has developed a virtual exchange pedagogy for students at higher education institutions that promotes discussion and study of current socio-political issues that go beyond national and/or cultural boundaries, such as the European economic crisis in 2013-14; youth political engagement in 2015-16; or the refugee crisis in 2017-18. Through this virtual exchange format students from different countries follow one course together online. The format includes providing expert academic content; enabling the exchange of ideas and perspectives through dialogue in a video-conference room; and facilitating an interactive assignment that brings the online experience to the students’ offline reality. The development of transversal skills during the virtual exchange is measured through a parallel evaluation processes.

Social Circles

Social Circles offers young people from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean the opportunity to have a short but meaningful Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange experience. Through online facilitated dialogue, participants will engage in constructive communication with peers from different cultures and countries over a specific topic of their mutual interest.…

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Countering Hate Speech

This Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange will take participants on an interactive, action-oriented journey on countering hate speech.

What are the various forms hate speech is taking? What are the causes and consequences of hate speech at the individual and societal level? How can hate speech be regulated?…

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Call for Video Responses

Help spread the diversity of thoughts and bring perspectives to 500+ young people in the more than 40 countries reached by the Interactive open Online Course ‘Newcomers and Nationalism’!


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Technology and Society

Connections Across Frontiers

The Interactive Open Online Course ‘Technology and Society’ invites students and youth from the Southern Mediterranean and Europe to explore the role that technology plays in our everyday lives and our societies. Participants will learn from, and with, their peers in an interactive, intercultural, online environment and reflect on the societal changes that come with technological developments.…

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Cultural Encounters:

‘Cultural Encounters: Perspectives on Populism’ is the flagship Interactive Open Online Course by Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange. In this 10-week course, participants learn with, and from, their peers in online sessions, as well as from expert academics and practitioners through customized lecture series.…

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Newcomers and Nationalism

Exploring the Challenges of Belonging in Diverse Societies

This  Interactive Open Online Course invites youth from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to learn together in an interactive, intercultural, online classroom.…

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Sharing Perspectives on 2018

With the end of 2018 in sight, we want to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on some of the big questions of the past year. Join us in this Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, for an intercultural experience with youth from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.…

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