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The Sharing Perspectives Foundation has developed a Virtual Exchange pedagogy for students at higher education institutions and other youth that promotes discussion and study of current socio-political issues that go beyond national and/or cultural boundaries, such as the European economic crisis in 2013-14; youth political engagement in 2015-16; or the refugee crisis in 2017-18. Through this Virtual Exchange format students from different countries follow one course together online. The format includes providing expert content; enabling the exchange of ideas and perspectives through dialogue in a video-conference room; and facilitating an interactive assignment that brings the online experience to the students’ offline reality. The development of transversal skills during the virtual exchange is measured through a parallel evaluation processes.

Youth Peace and Security

Dive into concepts of violence, conflict and peacebuilding and explore young people’s roles in transformation.

Is peace possible? From where does violence stem? What tools are used in conflict transformation, and what new collaborations may be possible with the networks you will build in this course? …

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Sustainable Food Systems

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Countering Hate Speech

The Interactive Open Online Course for motivated youth willing to address challenging issues with action. 

‘Countering Hate Speech’ is the Interactive Open Online Course where participants learn about and discuss current challenges posed by hate speech in their communities and societies at large.…

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Technology and Society

Connections Across Frontiers

Technology has never been as influential as it is today; impacting our personal lives as well as the societies we live in. In the course ‘Technology and Society’ participants get the chance to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities technological developments pose with youth from other countries and diverse backgrounds.…

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Cultural Encounters

Welcome Participants!

On this page, you find all necessary links, resources and information needed to make a success out of your participation in this course. Prepare for your first week by:

Carefully reviewing the COURSE MANUAL Reading the email(s) from ‘Casper from Sharing Perspectives Foundation’.…

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Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism

Learn and exchange about the gender-media relationship  

In the Interactive Open Online Course ‘Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism’,  participants will engage with learning resources and expert content developed by Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) while exchanging on different aspects of the gender-media relationship.…

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