Additional resources

Week 10: Future Outlook

Additional Resources and Alternative Perspectives

Interested to learn more about this week’s topic? We have selected some materials for you. These resources consist of introductory information, in-depth texts, case studies and challenging, counter perspectives.


Introductions and Definitions

These pictures show international borders that are visible from space World Economic Forum (2016)


Additional Contexts

World Report 2018: The pushback against the populist challenge Human Rights Watch (2018)

Tunisia’s path from dictatorship to democracy (podcast) Middle East Institute (2019) 


Relevant Research

Human Rights under Siege Philip Alston (2017)

Populism and Human Rights: From Disenchantment to Democratic Riposte Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen (2019)

Everyday Nationalism: A review of the literature Eleanor Knott (2015)


Counter perspective

If people could immigrate anywhere, would poverty be eliminated? The Atlantic (2013)

How open borders make us safe Andrew Solomon (2017) TEDxExeter

Tiny Pricks Project Diana Weymar (2019)