Greta Thunberg

Climate Action Summit 2019

Greta Thunberg (Young Climate Activist) at the Climate Action Summit 2019 

What are the youth perspectives on the threat posed by climate change and the actions that have been taken to address it? In this speech to the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019, Greta Thunberg expresses outrage at adults in power who have placed the responsibility of solving climate change on young people and endangered their futures. She points to the inadequacy of the policies that have been put in place to address the problem and calls on world leaders to take appropriate action before it is too late. 

Look out for...

  • The issue of climate change from the perspective of someone who expects to experience the drastic consequences of climate change in their lifetime 
  • Anger at adults leaving the problem of climate change for young people to solve and to be affected by disproportionately 
  • How it is the responsibility of people currently in power to act and avert catastrophe, not the responsibility of young people in the future who will be affected disproportionately 
  • The Carbon Budget and its importance 
  • The extent of the lack of action that has been taken so far, and the extent of action that is currently needed