Dominik Hangartner, UK

Migration Matters

How does citizenship affect integration?

The integration of refugees and migrants is a policy priority for every European government right now. However, according to Dominik Hangartner, political scientist at LSE Government, we know surprisingly little about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to integration. Dominik believes that we should seek empirical answers to these questions and turn them into more effective policies. In these videos, he answers about the impact of citizenship on integration.

Look out for...

  • What is the impact of giving a host county passport to immigrants? Empirically difficult to answer
  • Differences between naturalized and non-naturalized citizens
  • Elections on individual citizenship applications in some Swiss municipalities with a comparative review of the results
  • How are naturalized and non-naturalized immigrants integrated?
  • The magnitude of the effects of the naturalization process
  • Benefits of the naturalization process for the most marginalized immigrants