Integrating the 'eco' into your life

The relation between humans and nature, eco-psychology and activism

With Ikram Hamdi Mansour

This week we are talking about youth activism and the pragmatic question of how the new norms around climate change are seeping into the more practical world around us. Rawan interviews the well-rounded Ikram Mansour from Algeria, who brings the principles of sustainability into practice in her work as an architect and cultural community manager. Ikram is passionate about “the connection between humans, nature and quantum physics” and she introduces us to the field of ‘eco-architecture’ and ‘eco-psychology’.


In this episode

Ikram Hamdi Mansour is an Eco-Architect and Cultural Manager. Her main research interests revolve around the shelter as a concept to redefine and re-imagining society’s current relationship with nature. She is a founder of a startup ‘Tumast’ that supports companies and individuals towards an ecologically sustainable and psychologically healthy lifestyle. Her involvement in different artistic and cultural projects leads her to create ‘Climate Change, Culture Change’ an initiative that designs and implements cultural, innovative and participatory actions in Algeria that aims to raise awareness of local communities around ecological justice and social justice.

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