Taking Action, Together

Prepare for your final discussion


Examples of Peacebuilding

Videos this week showed examples of youth peacebuilding in Chile, Nigeria, Congo, and Lebanon, with dialogue, theater, art, and hip hop all being used as tools for peacebuilding.

  • What inspires you from these examples?
  • What role can creativity play in peacebuilding?
  • What other ‘tools’ can young peacebuilders be prepared to use?

Bringing it Home

Thinking locally to your own context, what type of peacebuilding action do you think is most needed there?

  • What work or action do you know about that is currently being done?
  • How are youth contributing / or not to the problem or solution?
  • What areas of influence do you have regarding this issue?
  • What have you learned or reflected on through this course that you want to take forward to the issues you care about?