Hein de Haas

Migration Matters

Are we living in a time of unprecedented migration?

More people than ever before are on the move, right? Not exactly. More people may be moving, but there are also more people in the world. In this episode of Migration 101, a course on the drivers and impacts of migration with Professor of Sociology Hein de Haas, one of the world’s leading migration researchers, we take a closer look at the history of migration and what this means for the future.

1. Are we living in a time of unprecedented migration?

  • The number of migrants has increased, but so has the world population.
  • As other forms of mobility have gone up, the rate of migration has been remarkably stable
  • 3% of global population

2. Where will future migrants come from and go to?

  • Europe wouldn’t have been predicted as a global destination 50 years ago
  • New destinations emerging, such as China
  • Changing sources of migration
  • Danger of eurocentric view of migration