Hein de Haas

Migration Matters

Who are we allowing in? Who are we trying to keep out?

In this video, Hein de Haas challenges the notion that immigration policies are being restricted. Instead, borders are more open than ever to certain types of migrants, and this is creating or exacerbating a global class system in which the privileged are privileged further.

Who are we allowing in?

  • Over the last 50 years, migration policies have become more liberal, not more restrictive
  • Majority of migrants arrive in the EU legally
  • Current immigration policies privilege the privileged
  • Current migration system will not reduce global inequality, but does the opposite.

Who are we trying to keep out?

  • Migration restrictions have targeted asylum seekers and low-skilled laborers.
  • Putting restrictions in place causes people to take other routes
  • Labor demand
  • Catch 22 and the crisis narrative
  • Illegal or irregular migration makes up relatively low numbers