Suzanne Talhouk, TEDxBeirut

Who says if we speak Arabic we are no longer “cool”? 

Suzanne tells her story while trying to preserve Arabic. She along with others launched an initiative and many campaigns to preserve Arabic with various slogans like “بحكيك من الشرق  Betred min el Gharb” and “Do not kill your language”. 

She built the initiative on core element of nations rise. She indicated that studies have shown that to be creative in other languages you need to master your mother tongue, and that “If you want to kill a nation, kill their language”. She went on to talk about examples of developing countries that went up the ladder while preserving their language like Malaysia and Turkey. At the end she gave some suggestions for how to preserve Arabic and get it back to the throne of languages by starting from oneself.

She tackles the questions:

  1. Who says we are not cool if we speak Arabic?
  2. How to revive and preserve Arabic?

Look out for….


  • Fitting in
  • English phrases


  • Be creative
  • Distortion of language through using “Arabizi – Arabic written in English letters and numbers”