Youth4Peace Training Toolkit

Section 1.1

Youth4Peace Training: 1.1

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders’ (UNOY Peacebuilders) Youth4Peace Training Toolkit brings you through the concepts and practice of delivering trainings and activities on conflict transformation & peacebuilding.

Section 1.1 covers the basics on conflict transformation and peacebuilding:


Prepare for your discussion:

Look out for:

  • Examples of direct, structural, and cultural violence
  • Violence is just one possible way of managing conflict
  • Approaches to conflict
  • Peace as an “ongoing dynamic process”



  • Is negative peace “negative?” How is negative peace a necessary stage of building peace?
  • Think of some examples of structural violence in your local, national, or regional context. What are they?
  • What does conflict “transformation” mean to you?