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Climate Movements Spring 2021

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In 2021 our 9-week flagship Virtual Exchange will focus on one of humanity’s biggest questions: climate change.

Participants from diverse backgrounds come together weekly to discuss the themes of the course under the guidance of experienced dialogue facilitators; they learn from expert academics and practitioners through an original audiovisual lecture series and engage in interactive assignments which bring their online experience to their offline realities.

Dates Mar 15 - May 14 2021

Duration 9 weeks

Language English

Application deadline Mar 05 2021

Weekly time investment

-> 160 hours in total (contact hours + assignments), equal to 6 ECTS
-> 2-4 hours weekly preparation and assignments
-> 2 hours online group sessions
-> Video-project assignment & optional further readings

What it's all about

The conversation about climate is a conversation about movement. Scientists point to the slow but steady upward movement of the planet’s temperature. Activists demand movement and change from governments and policymakers. Unprecedented global youth movements have emerged and shifted public discourse. New and more extreme climatic events are forcibly displacing people from their homes or livelihoods, and depleted natural resources threaten stability and peace. Still, beliefs and behaviours about climate are often unmoving.

From 15 March – 14 May youth from all over Europe and the Southern Mediterranean region will learn with, and from, each other through Virtual Exchange. Stimulated by video lectures and audio-visual materials, participants will exchange ideas and perspectives in their intercultural, online group sessions. With the guidance of certified dialogue facilitators, they will meet weekly to discuss the themes of the course and engage in interactive assignments building 21st-century skills and bringing their online experience to their offline realities. 

Participants develop transversal skills such as self-esteem, curiosity and cross-cultural communication skills.

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Partnership Enquires

Our virtual exchanges provide youth with the opportunity to learn both with and from their peers across cultural contexts and national boundaries. The facilitated online meetings are organized around relevant skill-building activities and discussing dynamic content provided by expert academics and practitioners.

If you are interested in offering this course to your students, volunteers in your organisation, or other eligible participants, please contact us. We are happy to offer more information and discuss possible partnership arrangements.

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The Virtual Exchange Climate Movements follows the model of Virtual Exchange that was developed by the Sharing perspectives Foundation. The curriculum of the course builds upon the curriculum of the previously run Interactive Open Online Course “Cultural Encounters | The Big Climate Movement” that was implemented in the context of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project in 2020.

Course Manual

Here you find essential information about the curriculum, assignments and how to successfully complete this course.

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Weekly Resources

Review the weekly resources in preparation for your online session here.

Weekly Resources


Weekly Preparation Assignment

Prior to your online group meeting each week, review the week’s resources and then respond to at least one material with a comment, observation or question.


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Weekly Reflection Journal

At the end of each online session, you are invited to write 1 paragraph that reflects and records your experience of the day’s session. You will be directed to fill in a short online form answering the themed question of the week. The submission will be acknowledged by the course team but will not be accessible to fellow participants.


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Video Dialogue Project

Starting week 3-4 you and your online group members will contribute to a region-wide video dialogue project by engaging your peers on topics discussed in ‘Climate Movements’. You can find more detailed information about this assignment in the Project Guide.

Videologue Project Guide

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