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Climate Movements

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In 2021 the 9-week flagship Virtual Exchange will focus on one of humanity’s biggest questions: climate change.

Participants from diverse backgrounds come together weekly to discuss the themes of the course under the guidance of experienced dialogue facilitators; they learn from expert academics and practitioners through an original audiovisual lecture series and engage in interactive assignments which bring their online experience to their offline realities.

Dates Mar 15 - May 14 2021

Duration 9 weeks

Language English

Application deadline Jan 31 2021

Weekly time investment

160 hours in total (contact hours + assignments), equal to 6 ECTS

Partnering for 'Climate Movements'

Virtual Exchange (VE) delivers international experiences for students all over the world and has been steadily growing over the last two decades. Whilst the global Covid-19 pandemic has put international mobility programmes on hold, VE can offer students invaluable intercultural and international encounters.

We offer this VE course opportunity to universities at a small financial contribution which reflects the minimum budget to run this international VE, while offering you savings when investing with more students and or over multiple semesters. Our VE courses can be used to fulfil a component of a larger capacity-building project. The course can also be offered for students from only your network or alliance and is a perfect fit to serve internationalisation objectives and especially Internationalisation at Home agendas.

Find our more about the possibilities for offering this Virtual Exchange “Climate Movements” to your students in this brochure

We accept partners on a rolling basis and can accommodate a maximum of 30 in 2021. To offer ‘Climate Movements’ in Spring 2021, your participation should be confirmed before 31 January 2021. Get in touch via 

Partnering for ‘Virtual Exchange’ means that our team takes on full implementation of the VE course. This includes:

  • Registration and scheduling, incl. managing time zones
  • Student support and communications
  • Academic content and interactive assignments
  • Facilitation of sessions by trained facilitators
  • Quality assurance framework
  • Assessment of student progress and attendance
  • Full reporting of progress to teachers/coordinators
  • Evaluation of global skills development
  • Online environment with minimal technical requirements
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Workload and integration

‘Virtual Exchange: Climate Movements’ has a workload of 160 hours and is suggested for 6 ECTS. Students have 2-hours of contact time per week which is flexibly scheduled and the remaining workload students can complete at their convenience. HEI staff can tailor how the VE course is implemented; from a stand-alone elective, to fully integrated within an existing taught course. This flexibility and immediacy means that staff can offer an intercultural component without needing to create new content or increase their workload. However, if staff want to take a more hands-on approach, they can closely monitor and evaluate the progress of their students, by weaving the issues and experiences of their students into their course.

“Virtual Exchange promotes innovative teaching practices by inviting staff to incorporate principles that prioritise experiential, student-led, skills-oriented learning over knowledge transfer.”
– Dr. Sophie Millner, Senior Partnerships Officer

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Our model works

Over the years we have refined our model for Virtual Exchange based on three pillars:

  • Offer engaging and accessible expert content online
  • Facilitate effective and constructive online dialogue
  • Design interactive and collaborative online assignments

What is distinctive about using dialogue at the heart of this model is that students are active and autonomous under the guidance of trained facilitators; the exchanges continue over a number of weeks rather than being one-off encounters; and, fundamentally, they focus on forging meaningful encounters between young people.

To achieve this, we foster high levels of diversity; seeing each individual as a source of knowledge and an expert in their own experience. The live, weekly dialogue sessions represent a safe space where participants can confront challenging and sensitive issues, address power dynamics, and gain confidence to speak to their peers with honesty, empathy and curiosity. This experiential learning process stimulates the practice of 21st century skills such as cross-cultural competences and foreign language proficiency as participants directly engage with cultural others.

“The best thing was that we learned from the diversity of people, coming from different backgrounds, without being judged.” – 2020 Alumnus, 24, Egypt

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