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The virtual exchanges and trainings are the core of what we do. Through these activities young people learn and develop the skills they need to be successful in today’s digitalised and globalised environment. We consult other businesses, NGOs or educational institutions in the online engagement they offer or use online. Through this, we do research, develop trainings or provide facilitators for online engagement processes. We drive praxis and build community in the field of online international and intercultural learning and engagement. We are curious; we develop research and publish or present best practice and innovative ways for online engagement. 


For higher education

Are you an educator or do you work in the educational sector and would you like to offer virtual exchanges to your students, there are several ways to become involved.



Are you struggling to bring all your teaching online due to the corona virus? We can help you make the best use of the online space and effectively engage your students.

Offer our ongoing courses

We will support you in the integration of the courses into your curricula and we can train your staff.

Tailored exchanges

We tailor them to your curricula. You provide the content, we facilitate the online interaction.

New course

We can develop an entire course, from content to interaction. You only give thematic direction, we do the rest.

Do It Yourself

We train your staff how to develop their own virtual exchanges. The rest is up to you but we can mentor if you’d like.

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For NGOs or business

Do you work for an NGO or business and do you want “to do something online” but are not sure how to? We can try to help depending on what you are looking for.



Are you moving online due to the Corona virus and do you need help to bring online what you did offline? We can help with advice, training, design and implementation.

Train your team

Does your team need training on how to use online spaces effectively? We can tailor trainings from the use of technology to online etiquette; whatever you need.

Be sustainable

Does your team travel a lot and do you want to operate more sustainably? We can help you organise meetings or conferences online so you reduce your travel.

Increase your impact

Limited by a physical space and want to grow by adding online activities to diversify your audience? We know how to run online activities with 1000’s of people.

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Who we work with

In the past years we have worked with the following educational institutions and youth organisations:

Université Mohamed Lamine Debaghine de Sétif 2 (Algeria),
Applied Sciences BFI Vienna (Austria),
Vesalius College Brussels (Belgium),
University of Tartu (Estonia),
Network for European studies at the Helsinki University (Finland),
Bordeaux University (France),
Paris Descartes University (France),
Rouen ESITech (France),
Heilbronn University of Applied Science (Germany),
Kiron Open Higher Education (Germany),
Osnabrück University (Germany),
Syrian Youth Assembly (Germany),
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece),
University of Macedonia (Greece),
Corvinus University in Budapest (Hungary),
Budapest Business School (Hungary),
Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland),
University of Limerick (Ireland),
Bologna University (Italy),
Next Generations Global Studies group, University of Padova (Italy),
University of Trento (Italy),
Utrecht Centre for International Studies (Netherlands),
University of Groningen (Netherlands),
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Netherlands),
University of Oslo (Norway),
Islamic University of Gaza (Palestine),
University of Palestine (Palestine),
AGH University (Poland),
SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw (Poland),
Évora University (Portugal),
ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Portugal),
University of Oslo (Norway),
Comenius University of Bratislava (Slovakia),
University of Granada (Spain),
English Start Up (Syria),
Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Béja (Tunisia),
Hacettepe University (Turkey).

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Upcoming virtual exchange

Cultural Encounters

The Virtual Exchange course ‘Cultural Encounters | The Big Climate Movement’ will focus on key debates around climate change. As young people mobilize around one of humanity’s biggest questions, this course asks: what is the impact of climate change on the planet, political action and the movement of people? Participants will get access to an original lecture series with audiovisual materials from expert academics and practitioners. In addition, participants will meet online in their intercultural dialogue groups to discuss the themes and engage in interactive skill-building activities.

Oct 12 - Dec 11



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