Migration Matters

Dr. François Gemenne, Dr. Caroline Zickgraf, Dr. Yvonne Su

Does climate change cause migration?

Why do people migrate? Does climate change have anything to do with it? In this video, experts Dr. Yvonne Su (York University), Dr. Caroline Zickgraf (Hugo Observatory, University of Liege) and Dr. François Gemenne (Hugo Observatory, University of Liege) share different drivers of migration and discuss how they connect to climate change. They explain why it can also sometimes be difficult to see the link between migration and climate change, even when climate is a significant factor for migration.

Look out for...

  • Climate change as a threat multiplier
  • Long-distance migration vs. internal displacement
  • Regions in the world with the highest numbers of environmental-driven migrants
  • Who draws a distinction between economic and environmental drivers of migration, and whether it is possible to separate them

In this video