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The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a not-for-profit offering contemporary online learning experiences for people to interact across divides, whether national, cultural, social, or political. 


Our mission

We believe that all people should have equal opportunities to develop 21st-century skills, namely, the learning, digital literacy, and life skills students and employees need to thrive in today’s diverse, connected, and online world. To this aim, we provide relevant and responsive Virtual Exchange courses about current socio-political issues, where deep learning about both content and the personal experiences of peers in diverse contexts can occur.  Our initiatives lead to a reduction of stereotypes and polarization as people gain a more open and empathic attitude towards others by learning to connect and communicate in a constructive and effective way.  

We know that the needs for capacity building, new modes of collaboration, and facilitating sensitive conversations online are far-reaching. We offer Virtual Exchange and training for people to develop core collaboration skills and digital competencies. We consult businesses and educational institutions who need support in the online engagement they offer or use as part of their work. We drive praxis and build community in the field of online international and intercultural learning and engagement through research, resource sharing, and network building

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Our values

We believe that a state of parity as an organisation is more than ‘good practice’; it allows staff and participants to thrive to the best of their capacity. We achieve this by emphasizing individual responsibility but providing a supportive environment; we give direction and leadership while being open to input and criticism; we value measurable output and believe in horizontal feedback.  

We are inclusive to otherness, in whatever shape, conviction or background. We value diversity as a strength and appreciate difference. We do not believe that reaching consensus is an objective of learning or exchange. We are curious while being critical. We see conflict and difference of opinion as an opportunity for learning when addressed constructively. Process is key to that achievement. 

We enjoy stepping into new spaces, to think and act outside the box. We support learning-by-doing. At the same time we are sceptical; we do not assume but measure success and impact. Quality assurance is key, we can do wrong if we don’t make sure not to. We monitor and evaluate, we learn and develop. We hope to inspire.

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Our reach

We intend to reach all and to be inclusive across educational or socio-economic backgrounds. Our learners are typically young people (18-35) who engage in our exchanges or trainings either through their educational institutions (often universities) or through youth organisations and other initiatives. We believe in Life Long Learning and as such we welcome participation from (young) professionals. 

Using new media technology allows us to work across boundaries. Our geographical scope or target audience is therefore not defined by area, age, gender or class but based on a few core principles: 

  • We believe diversity and inclusivity is a strength. 
  • We apply focus, but not exclusion. 
  • We connect content to context to ensure relevance. 
  • We speak to people, not about them.
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‘How can we find opportunities in conflict?’

Evelyn is a 29 year old legal practitioner from Nigeria currently on track to receive a Masters degree from the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands. Her personal and professional background motivated her to participate in the virtual exchange ‘Youth Peace and Security’ (2020) offered through the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative.

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