Tipping points and technology

With Wouter Blom

Listen to the Sharing Perspectives Podcast. In this episode, our host Rawan interviews Wouter Blom, a hydrogen development engineer. We’ll talk about tipping points in climate change, and look at the possible technological innovations that might slow down our carbon emissions.

Look out for...

  • The myths about hydrogen
  • The role of multinationals to address environmental issues and create solutions
  • Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees

In this episode

Wouter Blom is a Hydrogen Development Engineer working every day to realize a new hydrogen economy. He worked for different multinationals where he learned that with the right incentives multinationals can play an important role in the transition to a carbon-neutral society. He focuses on the technical challenges in this transition. And for the record, he lives in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and two-year-old daughter, loves to play tennis and is always up for a good discussion.  


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