Ulrike Schultze


How Social Media Shapes Identity

Technology/Social media plays an essential role in our lives nowadays. Schultze explores the co-constitutive relationship “we construct technology but technology also construct us, we become what the technology allows us to become”, by using the example of ethnic emoji’s as identifiers of racial actions. She furthers by explaining the second life/ virtual world life(a profile, virtual body/avatar,etc), that should be different and separate from your real life, where one explores what he/she should and would like to be if he/she could only get rid of his/her actual body.     

Look out for..

“What is social media and technology doing to who we really are, to who we believe we can be, to how we present ourselves, and how others perceive us?”

  • Human-Technology entanglement
  • Dominant discourses in second life (continuities and disconnection from real life)

Look out for..

What type of identities are social media users performing, and what are the aspects of these identities technology is enabling or restricting them from performing?

  • Action possibilities embedded in technology
  • Inconsistencies between discourses