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Professional educators are today engaging with a greater diversity of audiences than ever before, with the equally unprecedented directive to prepare them for work and education in the complex, collaborative, and global 21st Century. They are meeting this challenge more and more in an online setting. In many cases with limited resources and varied experience in online course design or instruction.

Building on nearly a decade of practical experience designing and implementing virtual exchanges, the Sharing Perspectives Foundation has developed a hands-on training to support education professional to transform how they teach online.

‘GOING VIRTUAL’  is a training course that builds the capacity of educators to teach in an interactive online environment.

This training is specifically designed for educators learning how to move their teaching practices into an online environment in an effective and engaging way.  Educators will experience an interactive, hands-on training, during which we will provide step-by-step techniques, practical tips and unique exercises modelling online interactivity and student engagement.

Cost: €300 ($349,99USD)

Dates Feb 09 - Feb 24 2021

Duration 3 weeks (3 hours a week)

Language English

Application deadline Feb 05 2021

Weekly time investment

2-3 hours per week including weekly live interactive sessions (online) and self-paced preparation

Trainees will meet weekly for 1.5 hr live training sessions. There will also be exercises and asynchronous activities in advance of these online meetings.  Combined, trainees can expect a 2-3 hour time commitment per week.  Certificates will be available upon successful participation in the training. 

This training will be hosted on the International Virtual Exchange Network platform, with live meetings using Zoom. By registering for this training, you will also gain access to the International Virtual Exchange Network, where you can continue learning and sharing with your colleagues and facilitators from the training as well as other network members. 

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Week 1 – Building Relationships: Overcome the barriers of technology-mediated communication to build meaningful relationships through discovery and dialogue.

9 February 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET 

→ How can we cultivate truly meaningful encounters in an online space? What role does identity play in relationship building? 

→ Build relationships that increase student motivation and investment in the course.

→ Get introduced to a learner-led, dialogue approach and learn how to approach challenges of motivation, communication and time management.

Week 2 – Engaging Content: Optimise technology to present your content in an engaging way. 

→ 16 February 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET

→ What are the key distinctions between on and offline teaching? How can you take advantage of this new learning environment and at the same time reduce the workload burden on you and your students? 

→ Discover how to adapt your content to be suitable for an online setting and which technology to use to optimize learning.

Week 3 – Interactive Assignments: Design interactive assignments to strengthen reflective, collaborative and digital skills.

→ 23 February 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET

→ How does interactivity enhance student motivation and investment? by encouraging student autonomy and fostering relationship-building among students. 

→ Learn how to design interactive assignments to achieve learning objectives and skill development and receive practical tips for success.

Sharing Perspectives Foundation

The Sharing Perspectives Foundation is a leading Virtual Exchange provider  who has:

  • engaged 10,000 young people in virtual exchange courses 
  • worked with over 80 institutions
  • trained and coached 250+ facilitators 
  • facilitated 1000s of online dialogue sessions
  • implemented over 10 different virtual exchanges in English as well as in Arabic.
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