Additional resources

Week 2: Populism and authoritarianism

Additional Resources and Alternative Perspectives

Interested to learn more about this week’s topic? We have selected some materials for you. These resources consist of introductory information, in-depth texts, case studies and challenging, counter perspectives.


Introductions and Definitions

Introducing the experts on populism Dr. Oliviero Angeli, Dr. Sinem Adar, Dr. Ertuğ Tombuş and Dr. Israel Butler (2019)

The Rise of Populism – A Different Lens Monash University (2018)

What’s Behind the Global Rise in Populism? Bloomberg (2017)


Relevant Research

Migration and Populism Annual Report 2018 MIDEM (2018)

Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index 2017 Andreas Johansson Heinö (2017)


Additional Contexts

Populism and Corporatism in the Middle East and North Africa: a Comparative Analysis Manochehr Dorraj (2017)

The Twin Rise of Populism and Authoritarianism World Politics Review


Different Perspectives

Could populism actually be good for democracy? The Guardian (2018)

How populism can be turned into an opportunity, not a threat The Conversation (2018)