Additional Resources

Week 4: Rethinking the concept of borders

Additional Resources and Alternative Perspectives

Interested to learn more about this week’s topic? We have selected some materials for you. These resources consist of introductory information, in-depth texts, case studies and challenging, counter perspectives.


Introductions and Definitions

The fall and rise of global borders World Economic Forum (2017)

Migration and populism Future Citizen Institute (2019)


Additional Contexts

Women and girls on the move Mixed Migration Platform (2016)

OLIVIERO ANGELI – References & additional resources Migration Matters (2019)


Relevant Research

Introduction: the migration without borders scenario Pécoud & de Guchteneire (2007)

Immigration and freedom of movement Adam Hosein (2013)

The Temporalities of International Migration Shanthi Robertson (2014)


Different Perspectives

How progressivism enabled the rise of the populist right Eric Kaufmann (2019) 

Douglas Murray: Balancing justice and mercy Doha Debates (2019)