Additional resources

Week 8: Populism in Turkey

Additional Resources and Alternative Perspectives

Interested to learn more about this week’s topic? We have selected some materials for you. These resources consist of introductory information, in-depth texts, case studies and challenging, counter perspectives.

Introductions and Definitions

What is populism? Ep.68 Civics 101 Podcast (2017)

How to spot a populist The Guardian (2018)


Additional Contexts

On autocracy, democracy and populism: Tunisia and the wider Arab region Hajer El Ouardani and Samir Makdisi (2019)

Turkish government destroys more than 300,000 books The Guardian (2019)

Tyranny grants populism new life in Egypt Alaa Bayoumi (2017) 

Populism in MENA countries -Additional resources Migration Matters (2019)


Relevant Research

The Populist Challenge to Liberal Democracy William A. Galston (2018)

Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy Sheri Berman and Maria Snegovaya (2019)

Sinem Adar & Ertug Tombus -Additional resources Migration Matters (2019)


Different Perspectives

Democracy, diversity and the protracted populism of Turkey Ali Emre Benli (2018)

Is Populism Really a Problem for Democracy? Patrick Liddiard (2019)