Additional resources

Week 3: Who can come in?

Additional Resources and Alternative Perspectives

Interested to learn more about this week’s topic? We have selected some materials for you. These resources consist of introductory information, in-depth texts, case studies and challenging, counter perspectives.


Introductions and Definitions

70 years of progress on Human Rights: Article 13, Freedom of movement United Nations (2018)

Why we need a global understanding of migration World Economic Forum (2018)


Additional Contexts

What Egyptian Day Workers in Jordan Face, Just to Make a Living Ammar Ahmed Al-Shuqairi (2019)

Interactive Journey: A migrant’s difficult decisions in the Gulf Migrant Rights (2019)

India Passes Controversial Citizenship Bill That Would Exclude Muslims NPR (2019)


Relevant Research

Emergent Global Classes and What They Mean for Immigration Politics Migration Policy Institute (2006)

The Privileged and Useful Migrant: An Evaluation of Changing Policy and Scholarly Approaches Towards High-skilled Migration Metka Hercog (2017)


Different Perspectives

Migrant agency: Negotiating borders and migration controls Ċetta Mainwaring (2016)

Privileged Mobility in an Age of Globality Sheila Croucher (2012)