Migration Matters (2020)

Dr. Su and youth activists

How can we take action on climate change and migration?

Dr. Yvonne Su together with youth climate activists from around the world explain why young people’s engagement in the climate movement is so important. They also give some specific examples for how other people can take action. To round off the series, our three experts share their hopes for the future of climate change and migration research.

Look out for...

  • Youth and climate movement
  • Climate activism
  • Large scale activism
  • Local activism
  • Intergenerational dialogue

In this clip

Kaluki Mutuku, Kenya


Green Treasures Farm

350.org Kenya


Phoebe Hanson, UK

Fridays for Future Digital

Students Organising for Sustainability UK


Kayly Ober, US

Refugees International’s Climate Displacement Program


Basundhara Tripathy, Ireland/India

Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands


Noah Zuijderwijk, Netherlands

Pearson College UWC


Dorota Osvaldová, Slovakia

Znepokojené matky [Worried Mothers]


Dane Armstrong, Eswatini

Eswatini Climate Coalition

Yebo! ArtReach


Mbongeni Dlamini, Eswatini

MTN Bushfire Festival (Organiser of climate change panel discussions)