Stephan Bachenheimer

How Start-ups Can Push Middle East Economy into the 21st Century

“The Middle East has become one of the most fertile grounds for start-ups. As governments and big companies struggle to provide solutions for the region’s major problems, disruptive technology has opened up new options and opportunities. One of them most successful start-ups in the Middle East is Careem, which has become a popular car service almost overnight. Energy 24 is another start-up that hopes to soon bring solutions to the Middle East’s power outages. And with youth unemployment one of the most pressing problems in the Middle East, several start-ups are creating impressive numbers of new jobs. Since 2011, IFC has invested more than $50 million in tech start-ups, incubators, and venture-capital funds across the region.”  

The video tackles:

  1. How many start-ups in the Middle East came up with innovative solutions to problems
  2. How Start-ups should seize the opportunities offered by instability