Izza Fathi / Alghad Channel

Arabic started to Extinct due to the internet

An interview with Izza Fathi (a lecturer in social sciences) about the correlation between internet and national identity. Fathi indicated that internet distorts the identity (national, religious, and Language) by targeting kids and youth through movies and cartoons. Portraying super heroes in certain ways, conveying religious or atheist messages to kids, using dialects rather than the Classical Arabic are all ways of distorting identities. 

Izza emphasizes that language is the pot of thought, for example, Jews came from 180 countries speaking different languages; thus Israel acknowledged Hebrew as a national language and made all science in Hebrew.

She tackles the questions:

  1. Does internet distort our national identity and how?
  2. How can a language create a nation?
  3. How can portrayed messages distort (national, religious, and Language) identities?