Francesca Helm

University of Padova

Welcoming’ of refugees in Italy and the role of activist groups

Francesca Helm is a teacher and researcher in the field of English and translation at the University of Padova. In this video, she describes the system of ‘accoglienza’ in Italy and the role of activists play in it.

What is the system of ‘accoglienza’ in Italy?

  • Charter of Lampedusa
  • 6 declarations of Freedom
  • Italy as a country with the highest number of arriving migrants in Europe
  • System of ‘accoglienza’ as a welcome or reception of refugees in Italy
  • 3 lines of reception

What is the role of activist groups in regional hubs and informal reception centres?

  • First-line reception: Regional hubs
  • The roles of activist groups for regional hubs
  • The conditions of regional hubs
  • Narratives and counter narratives surrounding the death of a refugee within a hub
  • Informal reception centres
  • The roles of activist groups for informal reception centres
  • An occupied informal reception centre in Padova

What do activists say?

  • The role of activists: to link with the community and help the refugees and asylum-seekers to be heard
  • Demonstration in Venice “Side by Side” in March 2017