expand the reach and scope of the Erasmus+ programme through virtual exchanges

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Erasmus+ virtual exchange is a groundbreaking project to allow youth in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences as part of their formal or non-formal education. Erasmus+ virtual exchange aims to expand the reach and scope of the Erasmus+ programme through virtual exchanges.

Erasmus+ virtual exchange offers young people in Europe and South Mediterranean countries the opportunity to engage in a safe online community and participate in facilitated discussions, increasing their intercultural awareness and extending their competences through virtual exchange.

The different programmes encourage intercultural dialogue through online people-to-people interactions, enhancing critical thinking and media literacy, fostering soft skills and employability, promoting citizenship, and strengthening the youth dimension of the EU neighbourhood policy.

Erasmys+ virtual exchange is a flagship programme established and funded by the European Union and is implemented by a consortium composed of Search for Common Ground, Anna Lindh Foundation, UNIMED and Sharing Perspectives Foundation, in association with Soliya, UNICollaboration, Kiron Open Higher Education, and Migration Matters.

European Refuge/es

European Refuge/es is the first Erasmus+ virtual exchange programme by the Sharing Perspectives Foundation. The course follows the virtual exchange format for higher education institutions developed by the Sharing Perspectives Foundation in which refugee and non-refugee students from Europe and the Southern Mediterranean follow one course together online. The format includes providing expert content; enabling the exchange of ideas and perspectives in a video-conference room; and facilitating an interactive assignment that brings the online experience to the offline reality of the participants.

Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation

Building on years of experience in online dialogue facilitation, the Sharing Perspectives Foundation and Soliya will develop a course “Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation” as part of Erasmus+ virtual exchange. In this course students will learn the functions of dialogue and virtual exchange; identify key principles and components of facilitation; and learn basic skills and approaches to successfully facilitate online dialogues. After completing this course, participants can continue their training with the Advanced Facilitation training and consequently become facilitators in one of the Erasmus+ virtual exchange programmes. Introduction to Dialogue Facilitation is expected to be launched in the summer of 2018.

Enhancement of existing MOOCs with virtual exchange pedagogy

We complement existing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), or parts thereof, with a virtual exchange pedagogical model in order to strengthen the intercultural learning components within these MOOCs. By adding virtual exchange methodologies to existing MOOCs the Sharing Perspectives Foundation aims to show how virtual exchange can contribute to ‘regular’ online courses. We target both university students as well as the general public with these virtual exchange ‘powered’ MOOCs. During the first half of 2018 different MOOCs will be identified and tailored virtual exchange methodologies developed. The first virtual exchange powered MOOCs are expected to run from the summer of 2018.

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